Best phones available now in the market

Only the best and brightest make the cut.

With fresh handsets from Apple, Samsung, HTC and Motorola, it’s been a busy year for smartphones. And keeping up with what’s good and what’s new is a full-time job.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a breezy, bite-size guide to the best phones that tells what you need to know and matches them to what uSwitch customers tell us they’re looking for.

I want an iPhone but don’t want to spend iPhone money

The iPhone SE has the same set of features as the iPhone 6, but packs them into a smaller, compact four-inch casing. Priced from £18 per month with nothing to pay upfront, it’s a lot of phone for not much outlay.

Highlights are a 12-megapixel iSight camera that’s capable of recording 4K video that’s four times as sharp as standard HD and Touch ID biometric security that means you can unlock your handset using your fingerprint alone.

You also get the option to control your phone, conduct searches and get directions using your voice with the Siri digital assistant app and Apple Pay that lets you pay for goods and services in shops and restaurants by swiping your phone over a reader.

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I want something genuinely new and innovative. What should I choose?

The iPhone X is being touted as a glimpse of the future. It’s not hard to see why.

For starters, it’s the first iPhone that breaks with tradition by ditching a home button, which means you interact with your phone in a whole new way.

It’s also set apart by its all-screen front, which means Apple has managed to fit a large display in a very compact phone, and debuts wireless charging on an iPhone too.

Perhaps its standout feature, though, is Face ID. As the name suggests, this is facial recognition software that works brilliantly smoothly. And, except in very extreme cases (eg: identical twins), is amazingly watertight.


I want a phone with an impressive screen

If you’re looking for the perfect smartphone screen, you won’t find bigger or better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It has a stunning infinity display that measures an impressive huge 6.3–inches.

And while size isn’t everything, it certainly means that you can watch videos without having to squint. And even better, the Super AMOLED tech will give you a crystal clear picture.

Naturally, the size of the screen does make it a bit too big for the average pocket. But if you like to watch a lot of videos or play a lot of games on your phone, it’s more than worth the sacrifice.


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